Umi Monogatari ~ Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto Cosplay: Cute Marin Cosplay by Koyuki (Valentine's Day Edition)

Umi Monogatari ~ Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto Cosplay: Cute Marin Cosplay by Koyuki (Valentine's  Day Edition)
What a suck long tittle =.=", now i have Cute Marin Cosplay by Koyuki, i realy dont know what anime is this i never hear this Umi Monogatari ~ Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto anime before, this anime can also mean "Sea Story : That You Were There For Me ", Koyuki looks very cute and hot with this Marin Cosplay costume ^^, this Cute Marin Cosplay looks dominant with pink color, although it's not too much pink in this Cute Marin Cosplay pictures.

Costume from this Cute Marin Cosplay really looks very cute and also sexy, coupled with Koyuki who does have a cute face, Koyuki really very fitting with real Marin at this Marin Cosplayshe has made very cute and also live Marin cosplay, its like Marin come to alive xD, and I also like the lighting of this Marin Cosplay picture, very clean and also very neat, Kojima always did nice photograph, and although not too much Pink color in this Marin Cosplay picture but I think Pink color of this this Marin Cosplay was the one who feels , there fore this Cute Marin Cosplay was suitable for Koyuki Cosplay Valentine's Day edition! amazing Marin Cosplay by Koyuki! HappyValentine's day \(^o^)/! (craap =.="....i'am forget, ive no Girl friend now...arrrggggggg. i hate this day T.T)

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