Loveless: Aoyagi Ritsuka and Agatsuma Soubi

loveless cosplay - aoyagi ritsuka and agatsuma soubi 02

On the first day of his new school, Aoyagi Ritsuka meets an unusual friend of his late brother's named Agatsuma Soubi. He later finds out that Seimei had commanded Soubi to become his sentouki or fighter upon Seimei's death. Ritsuka is hastily thrown into the world of spell battles involving the people behind his brother's death: the organization known as Nanatsu no tsuki, the Septimal Moon.

Impressive cosplay. I was hoping this anime would continue after the manga got further along, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I suppose the manga's all we have to find out about Seimei's death. Wonderful job on this!

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