Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru and Rin

inuyasha cosplay - sesshoumaru and rinLord of the Western Lands and rightful owner of the Tenseiga, Sesshoumaru came upon an orphaned girl named Rin after he was heavily injured by his half-brother Inuyasha. At first, Sesshoumaru shows little interest in Rin, despite her bringing him fish she stole from the outskirts of a small village she lived in and getting beaten for it.

When Koga attacks Rin’s village, she is unfortunately killed by his wolves. Sesshoumaru recognizes her scent and follows it to find her corpse. Remembering her kindness, Sesshoumaru decides to test the power of his Tenseiga and brings Rin back to life. Since then, Rin has followed Sesshoumaru wherever he went, not saying much, but always smiling for him.

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