Gundam Seed: Yzak Joule

gundam seed cosplay - yzak joule Yzak Joule is one of the elite pilots of ZAFT in the series Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. In Gundam Seed, he was under the command of Rau Le Creuset, leader of the prestigious ZAFT Le Creuset special operations team. He is very proud of his elite status, and considers Athrun Zala to be his primary rival.

This character may not be at the top of my favorite characters’ list, but it’s hard to deny how awesome this cosplay is. To explain why this cosplayer is covering his/her right eye, it’s because in the series, Kira Yamato gave him a scar in one of the battles they fought in. Technically, it’s on on his right eye, but above it, and across his face, but it makes sense to people who’ve seen the series.

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