Sex cosplay Girls in Super Hero Body Paint


I luv it when I check my email inbox and see something like this: “Basically nearly naked painted ladies in super hero outfits, thought some readers may enjoy”. See fans like this are the reason we wake up in the morning. It brightens up an otherwise otherwise lousy day. God bless our perverted fans.

Superhero costumes in comic books are often drawn as so impossibly tight and form-fitting that they basically look painted on. Here are a few whores ladies that have brought that concept into the real world by “wearing” superhero costumes made of nothing but bodypaint.

If heroes really looked like this , there would be a sudden growth of overweight villains popping up to be beaten on. I would use death traps like a pool of jello, or pudding… Call my self Dr. Viagra “mommy, mommy!, why is that man humping supergirl leg?” My henchman would be a sock puppet.

Super hero body paint. Who does this stuff and why? Well, with art, we all see what we want to see.. or something. Right now I’m seeing that Supergirl (below) has some pretty stand-up BEWBZ.

HIT THE JUMP for a gallery of woman who you’ll only ever got to touch in your dreams.

WARNING: This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Body paint covers everything up, but it can’t hide EPIC erect nippage.

source: ebaumsworld with special thanks to NB fan argent_dawn(ps3 id) who’s really not that perverted.

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