Final Fantasy Cosplay Beautiful Shibata Yuna

Been longtime I had this Beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo at my Cosplay photo collection, and I almost forget about it, and yesterday when I look back my cosplay photo collection, I found this Beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo, and i decide to post this, as I said this Yuna Cosplay photo looks very pretty and also soft! between Yuna cosplay photo I've ever found, I think this is most beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo and also very similar to the existing Yuna Shibata in my minds, this is Amazing Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo, I love cosplayer in this photo (I fell in love at first sight xD) she really has a face that is very similar to yuna.

Event without any photo effect, this Beautiful Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo looks very perfect, for some reason when i saw this yuna cosplay photo feels very soft and warm (overreacted lol), but thats true, I love this cosplay photos I think this is not professionals cosplay photo but it already looks perfect for me, unfortunately I've forgotten where I got this picture, so sorry I can not including the name of this Yuna cosplayer, Perfect Shibata Yuna Cosplay >.<. I love it!

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cosplay Naruto character headband

The Naruto headband, or forehead protector as it's more properly called, has many different functions. Though it is supposed to be used to protect the forehead during battle, the prime focus of the protector seems to be to show allegiance or past allegiance to certain villages in the Naruto anime. Many people have been curious about whether wearing the forehead protector on a part of the body has any significant meaning. The answer is no.

The Naruto headband consists of a cloth band that wraps all the way around the head and ties in the back. To the front of the headband is a forehead length metal plate that is affixed to the cloth and is designed to protect the forehead from damage. It is specifically designed to deflect sharp projectiles or other obje

While a few characters of the anime series wear the Naruto headband as it was intended, there are some that do not. Female characters typically where the protector as more of an accessory. For example, Ino wears it as a belt and Sakura wears it, quite literally, as a headband. The male population is half and half. You almost never see Naruto without his forehead protector. He wears it with pride and honor. While other characters, such as Shikimaru and Rock Lee, don't see it as necessary to wear it the way it was intended. This isn't met with much opposition from the village. As long as the protector is displayed somewhere on the body, it seems to be alright.

The most important aspect of the Naruto headband is the fact that it shows allegiance for or against a village. The metal plate on each forehead protector is inscribed with the symbol of a village. Just looking at the protector can help you distinguish where the ninja wearing it comes from and whether they are a friend or foe. Rogue ninjas wear the forehead protector of the village they came from with a line scratched through the symbol. This signifies their origin, and that they are now an enemy of the village.

The Naruto headband is one of the most interesting and talked about accessories of the ninjas of Naruto. It's also one of the first items that people buy when they start putting together a cosplay costume. There are very few characters that don't wear a protector at all, all of which are either civilians or rogue ninjas. There's no question that the forehead protector is a very important part of the Naruto anime series.


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SExy Cosplay 2011

Cosplay School Uniforms Lead an Eternal Trend

Cosplay school uniforms are frequently seen on various anime reality shows.It does not matter whether to consider this kind of events as an interesting self-expression activities or absurd escapism. It really brings people much joy. Lots of modern people do show deep interest to go in for a costume play on the weekend, a short holiday or especially Halloween. Participants express their enthusiasm for life and bring their favor to anime, video games or science fiction to reality on those shows. With specially suits and wig put on, you will feel fantastic. To better enjoy your life or to experience something totally different with the busy commutation, choose a role to be acted now.

About this page: it seems like that fashion or trend makes sense on everything in our life. Some popular trends are also discovered on cosplay, or more precisely speaking, on cosplay costumes. Below, an eternal force-cosplay school uniforms is reviewed. To know some sought-after styles amongst the rich collection of cosplay uniforms, keep reading please.

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki School Cosplay Uniform

eferring to popular anime, bleach must be one of the options that firstly spring to most people's minds. Rukia Kuchikia-a girl wearing a grey school uniform definitely becomes a role who is frequently seen on costume plays. As sizes from S to XL can be chosen from most cosplay costume manufacturers, you must be able to personate this character whatever your figure looks like. The suit covers a coat, skirt and a big red bowknot. Red lines around each pocket make the entire suit more feminine and slim. Most of time, cosplay lovers wear black leggings and flats with the costume. If you go in for a summer costume play, you may love to choose a short-sleeved shirt too. Like this girl, you will be an eye-catching hit on the party.

Haruhi Suzumiya Mizuhara School Cosplay Uniform

Most cosplay lovers do look great with those particularly made suits. This definitely makes sense on this girl-an imitator for Haruhi Suzumiya Mizuhara. V-neck and white shirt are popular styles on most cosplay uniforms. Decorated by red ribbon and blue edges, the white shirt and blue skirt slim the wearer's figure a lot. When it comes to personating a role with a school uniform, you may find all preparation work becomes much easier. Take this one as an example. You can buy it directly from a cosplay costume dealer. But because of the understated pattern, you can also ask for a tailor to customize your suit. Of course, you will save more in this case. For small accessories such as the yellow headband, it's easy to find, right?

Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury School Cosplay Uniform

Beautiful girls in Sailor Moon are usually another group of popular characters on costume plays in any season. Yes, their suits are a little different with usual uniform cosplay costumes. But if you want to add a tint of femininity and cute sense to your cosplay appearance, the outfit for Sailor Mercury must be a wonderful option. White bodice looks great with blue skirt. The oversized bowknots on the front and back are chic decorations for the total costume. Nobody can deny Sailor Mercury shows us a simple, yet appealing look. To avoid causing any harm to your hair or scalp, choose a blue cosplay wig, which can be found in any experienced cosplay costume dealer now.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Female School Cosplay Uniform

never have we found roles from Final Fantasy disappeared from the cosplay arena. Except Yuna, Aerith, Princess Sara, Agito XIII with a black-red school uniform is especially another role loved by most girls. Comparing with any cosplay uniform shown above, this one seems like neutral and conservative. The black coat is paired with a red cappa. Checked skirt makes girls' silhouettes more slender. While personating this role, you will make the ideal hairstyle more easily. As final fantasy is an evergreen force in the cosplay industry, just be confident while acting Agito XIII.

Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto Autumn School Cosplay Uniform

Most school uniforms for cosplay are made from a combination of two sharply-cut different colors. White-black styles certainly become the first design theme for anime writers or video game developers. Like this autumn school cosplay uniform for Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto, it does not carry heavy or complicated accessories. A white necktie makes a vivid color contrast with the black coat. For weapons, lots of cosplay lovers share you useful tips on how to make them online. Or, purchase a ready-made item from an experienced dealer directly.

Some Other School Cosplay Uniforms

t's true a theme is set before generating a costume play. To join in it, you will need to find appointed clothes, shoes, weapons and any other small attachment. Nevertheless, as there is no hard-and-fast rule for this kind of events, some people love to put on some special or distinctive suits too. When it comes to school cosplay uniforms, so many styles are available on today's market. Some of them are strictly made according to styles in a certain anime to guarantee excellent similarities. But most of them are not either. Like this one, it's frequently seen on costume plays. It isn't made on the basis of features on a certain anime role's suit. But manufacturers get the design inspirations from so many school uniform cosplay costumes actually. If you have not picked out a role you want to personate but want to show your favor on cosplay uniforms, consider such a freely designed style.

Cosplay school uniforms lead an evergreen trend on the cosplay costume market. Both male and female cosplay devotees show deep interest with this kind of apparel. Girls, to make an excellent cosplay look with femininity and chic sense of beauty accented, remember to take a cosplay uniform into your consideration please. Men who want to wake up memories in earlier time are strongly recommended with school cosplay uniforms too.

Gundam Arms 2011 Calendar

Bleach: Kurotsuchi Mayuri

bleach cosplay - kurotsuchi mayuriThe Captain of the 12th Division and President of the Shinigami Reseach Institute, Kurotsuchi Mayuri personifies the archetype of the mad scientist, viewing everyone as objects to be dissected in the lab. He takes great pride in his creations, such as his “daughter” Nemu, and condemns the concept of perfection. Mayuri has little regard for life or allegiances, going so far as turning his own subordinates as human bombs.

Very impressive cosplay! It’s almost scary how similar he looks to the anime character. Thanks to Joaquin for suggesting this!

Random Picture of the Day

FUCK! What did Shadow Hearts ever do to deserve this?! Let the last great RPG series die in peace! (A new current-gen installment is fine, too.)

Dr.Slump Cosplay Beautiful Arale Cosplay

What do you think of when hearing the Arale name, the first one I think is an innocent little girl and like to play with "Dirt" xD, totally full of nostalgic anime, I watch this Dr.Slump anime while still elementary School and at that time Arale still a small child with my age, and now in this Beautiful arale Cosplay she become Beautiful Arale, I saw Arale has grown into a very pretty girl :D and cute too, (but she still love to play with "dirt" =.=") I love everything from this Beautiful Arale Cosplay photo, I think if Arale will look like this if made ​​in the adult version. I think Dr.Slump will nosebleed when he making Arale.

the cosplayer name behind this Beautiful Arale Cosplay is Zero Inc, I think that not her real name, that was written in the site I took this Cosplay photo ( I'm wondering about the original name Zero Inc., and I hope I'll find her another cosplay photo, well ... its make me want to watch Dr.Slump anime again and see Arale ran on streets :D and destroy everything, Of course I want to see Arale in adult version xD. I love this Cosplay Photos!

DOA Cosplay Kasumi Cute by Kipi

DOA (Dead Or Alive) Series I think thats quite good, although many people who said DOA not successful in the market, my favorite character on Dead or Alive is Kasumi, and more importantly cosplayer behind this Kasumi cosplay photo is one of my favorite cosplayer Kipi, i guess she was in some cosplay event, but i dont know where is that, on this Kasumi cosplay photo Kipi looks very hot with Kasumi Cosplay Costume, though actually I think, Kipi is not very suitable as Kasumi (^^" kipi face has too cute as Kunoichi) maybe Koyuki or Alodia would look more fitting with Kasumi Cosplay Costume, because they look more mature (no offence just my opinion :D)

Yet still I love with this Kasumi Cosplay photo, like I said Kipi has always seen fit to any costume, she has managed to create very cute Kasumi, but I'm also not too like on the material used in this kostume, it is too shiny for Kunoichi costume ^^" (not the important point =.="), but I love the kipi smile at the end, I think I'm not going to see Kasumi smiled like that on DOA. i got this Cosplay photo from, I love this Kasumi Cosplay!

[Gravure Idol]Yoko Matsugane

 Yoko Matsugane (松金 洋子, Matsugane Yōko?, born May 26, 1982) is a Japanese gravure idol from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. She is famous for her voluptuous figure. She has released several DVDs and photobooks and has appeared on several TV shows in Japan. As of January 2006, Yoko left her modeling agency, but is still active in producing DVDs and photo sets.

At the times of the release of her latest DVD she usually attends promotional events where her fans get to meet their idol and take a picture with her. These events are most often held in department stores in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

She is also a traveling DJ and has performed in various clubs in Japan, Australia and Singapore.

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