Naruto Manga Chapter 523 The Legendary Seven Swordsmen

This whole chapter is about The Legendary Seven Swordsmen. They are Momochi Zabuza, Kuriarare Kushimaru, Ringo Ameyuri, Munashi Jinpachi, Hohzuki Mangetsu, Akebino Jinin and Suikazan Fuguki. All of them have their own sword with different special abilities. They are the strongest swordsmen in the hidden mist's long history. According zangetsu's story we know about the sword name and its abilities.First, the sword imbued ith lightning, sharper than any other ever forged, The Boltsword "Fang" and its wielder, Ringo Ameyuri. Second, the sword that crushes any and all defenses, The Bluntswords "Helmsplitter" and its wielder, Akebino Jinin. Third, The one that pierces all and stitches them together, The longsword "Threading Needle" and its wielder, Kuriarare Kushimaru. Fourth, combining sordmanship and explosions, The blastsword "Splash" and its wielder, Munashi Jinpachi. Fifth, the original wielder Hoshigake Kisame's Greatsword "Samehada", Suikazan Fuguki. Sixth, the man who mastered all seven of the swords, Zangetsu older brother, Hohzuki Mangetsu. And the last, as we know Momochi Zabuza with his Great Beheader which was able to suck up their blood opponent and use the iron from it to regenerate. The squad joint army with Kakashi as their captain forced to fight a group of expert ninja and it will be though battle for them. None of their attack do anything to the enemies, but kakashi has his own plan to immobilize Zabuza first. But unexpected situation happened, before Kakashi's Chidori almost hit Zabuza, Kabuto knowing about his plan and sacrificing haku to protect Zabuza form Kakashi's attack. And Zabuza ignores Haku and moves to cut down Kakashi.

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