Ichigo100% Toujou Aya Cosplay by Kipi

Previously I've posted Toujou Aya Cosplay by Rinami, and finally I found the photo Toujou Aya Cosplay from one of my favorite cosplayer, that is Toujou Aya Cosplay by Kipi , kipi it always looks cute with any costume, i guess actually kipi would look more suitable as Tsukasa Nishino than as Toujou Aya, with blonde short haircut, kipi will look more cuter xD, I feel she will really fit as Tsukasa Nishino the most popular girl in school, I also like her background with many trees and leaves are falling it is visible very cool, one thing less than this Toujou Aya Cosplay photo, is her glasses, Toujou Aya's glasses was black colored and thick.

But Kipi also looks very well with this Toujou Cosplay Aya, though actually I think Alodia would better suit as Toujou Aya Cosplay, Toujou Aya considering the character is more of a sweet girl with long hair, I think it fits with Alodia characteristic (although Alodia will looks too mature as aya ^^"), but Kipi look very cute with her glasses, no doubt she have managed to make very cute Toujou Aya Cosplay, I'm really jealous of Junpei Manaka he's very lucky loved by three very cute girls  >.<,  I love this Toujou Aya Cosplay! Great Cosplay!

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