Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Ashura-o

tsubasa - resevoir chronicle cosplay - ahura-o by syszeiiThe King of Shura Country, Ashura-o is in constant war with the Yasha clan over the possession of a mysterious castle said to fulfill its master’s every wish. It was later revealed that Ashura-o was in love with Yasha-o and Ashura-o wished to resurrect him from the dead. He died in the castle as it crumbled around him unable to fulfill his wish. However, what the castle could not do, Yuuko was able to grant; she made Ashura-o and Yasha-o gods to their clans, allowing them to be together.

Beautiful cosplay by ~Syszeii! It’s pretty embarrassing that I made a mistake with which Ashura-o this was. It’s a good thing St. Arcana, Syaza, Meg, and Rae made the effort to correct me and gave me more information about this Ashura. Thanks again to Tori for sending this in!

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