Nice Beats Angel Cosplay Shiori Sekine

This is the first time I post Angel Beats Cosplay, and of course it also my first Shiori Sekine Cosplay post ^^, I think this Shiori Sekine Cosplay looks very cute, and I guess Rinami (name of the cosplayer) does not fit well with Shiori Sekine that I imagine, but Rinami certainly has succeeded in making Shiori Sekine Cosplay with a new image, she looks more mature than in Angel Beats :D, probably the adult version Shiori Sekine Cosplay xD, well ... but some of this Shiori Sekine Cosplay Photo looks very fit well as Shiori Sekine, and I also like the lace under her skirt ^^", I think I never saw Shiori Sekine wear that at Angel Beats.

Shiori Sekine reminds me of the japanese singer, she has same name Shiori Sekine, I think the author of Angel Beats inspired by her ^^" (maybe, just my opinions), Shiori Sekine is the bassist of Girls Dead Monster, with a G&L L-2000 bass guitar as her playing instrument. She likes to play pranks on those around her to see the surprised faces of her victims. She is best friends with Irie, whom she calls "Miyukichi" and both of them joined Girls Dead Monster at the same time, i got this Cosplay Photo from, well...i love this Shiori Sekine Cosplay!

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