Katanagatari: Togame

katanagatari cosplay - togame / princess yousha by gongju tomiaA self-entitled strategist, Togame arrived on the island Yasuri Shichika resides in order to seek his help in finding the final twelve swords forged by Shikizaki Kiki. Her father, Hida Takahito, was actually killed by Shichika’s father, but Togame believes that people who work for love can be trusted the most, which is why she tells Shichika to fall for her. Togame’s real name was revealed to be Princess Yousha.

Pretty cosplay by the lovely Korean cosplayer, Gongju Tomia! I wonder if she goes to a studio to get her photos taken? She has a lot of different backdrops for her cosplays! Thanks to Gilbert for suggesting this!

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