One Piece Cosplay - Stunning Trafalgar Law Cosplay by Anri

This Stunning Trafalgar Law Cosplay Photo is the most coolest Trafalgar Law Cosplay I have ever seen (i agree with Lightchan, she said that too xD) Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costume has been made so perfectly with very high detailed, his clothes, his hat and his katana looks very detailed and also looks perfectly real, I loveeeeee his katana xD, and also the cosplayer Anri (I'm not sure Anri is his name ^^" that was written in Japanese letters) look so very total in this Trafalgar Law Cosplay, he tattooed his body with lots of tribal tattoos event don't miss in his finger, although I suppose it's not a original tattoo, but he really looks very cool! and girls that behind him that is the jewelry Bonney Cosplay, I think, I'll post her cosplay next time.

Trafalgar Law's first appear when Luffy was in sambody island, he is a rocky pirate who has a high price, Trafalgar Law was the fifth highest bounty in the Eleven Supernovas, with 100 million berry prices, and when Luffy was about to die in MarineFord he was helped by Trafalgar Law that it also has the ability as a doctorTrafalgar Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates, a pirate crew from the North Blue, I found this Trafalgar Law Cosplay Photo, its was Amazing Law Cosplay Photo! I guess everyone agree with me >.<"

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