Next stop, Fanime!

Hi guys!

AOD was pretty fun and all but I spent most of my time inside the malls and our hotel room more than the actual con itself. So I can't really judge on how fun the convention itself was... but whatever! My friends and I won best presentation runner up which was surprising and cool at the same time. We worked hard for that dang skit and it was our first time doing a voice recording so we're so glad it came out well! ^~^;

Next up in line is Fanime. The con I have been waiting for. I love it more than Anime Expo I think and I've been to AX 3 times already and Fanime only 2 times! Heh. I don't know, it's not too crowded but it's definitely not empty. I love the hotels being close and the weather. I also love the friends I've made there, the swap meet, the raves, the atmosphere, the convention center. Anime Expo was great at Anaheim but the Staples center is a bit too long and I end up doing more walking than I'd like to :[ So that deducted points off of AX for me. STILL I love it but Fanime comes first to far :D

I have big plans this year too so I'm going to be busy busy busy! I can't say some of what I'll be doing but I will say it's going to be awesome *~* I'll add a cosplay line-up photo or whatever to this so you can see what I'll be taking. For now I think I will sleep. I am tired....good night you guyyyzzz !!


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