Sex Cosplay of The Week


Cosplay, in short, is the process of taking a character from pop culture (mostly fictional) and dressing up as them. While those outside of the nerd community think a grown man in a Sailor Moon Halloween costume (shudder) crazy and mildly uncomfortable, we know the truth *Wink*. Not every cosplayer is a person wearing a store bought costume, some happen be very sexy ladies that hand make their suits. From the initial choosing of the character to the hours of sewing and cutting, they’re a slave to the details. All that hard work leading up to one single weekend. These ‘Cosplayers of the week’ do it because they can. It’s like candy, too sweet to give up. So let’s hit the convention floor, enjoy the panels and check out some sugary sweet cosplay.

This week we speak the name of: Alisa-chan

Born Alisa Marie Farrington, Alisa-chan comes from the great state of Georgia. A frequenter of various east-coast conventions, the 5′ 5” blonde bombshell enjoys the simpler things in life. Aside from doing cosplay nearly every weekend Alisa enjoys modeling, photography and shopping. She adores animals, having 3 dogs and a ferret, along with volunteering with her mother at the local animal rescue center Molly’s Militia. Obsessed with the Tim Curry classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alisa is a member of the Rocky Horror cast in Atlanta, performing every other Saturday. I knew Angels could exist I just didn’t realize they could be a sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania.

Alisa-chan started cosplaying back in 1996 at the AWA2 with a Sailor Moon costume and have since constructed and put together over 100 costumes. Dressing up as various anime, video game and movies she portrayed the likes of Cammy from Street Fighter, Janet from Rocky Horror and Supergirl. Alisa gets a sense of enjoyment from crafting costumes to fit herself, not a generic size that could be sold off later. Taking time with every single design she uses she actually cares about who she chooses to dress as. Almost like crafting the perfect building, Alisa-chan plans her creation and builds it from the ground up, that’s talent.

If your anywhere near the Atlanta, Georgia area and there’s a convention that weekend stick around, Alisa-chan is sure to show up. Can’t make it into the land of Coca-Cola anytime soon, then be a dear and check out Alisa’s personal homepage. Over 18? Then swing by Alisa’s more risque page, [NSFW], but be warned it isn’t for the young ones. Piedmont park, Rhodes hall and now Alisa-chan, Atlanta must be beaming with pride.

How about that, another week and another weekend on the way. Alisa-chan is this week’s Nerdbastards’ ‘Sexy Cosplay of The Week’. Now do something productive and go outside, check out the sunshine. Being white as a ghost is only cool if your Casper the friendly ghost, not bleached from staying inside all day. Cosplay and Nerdbastards, it’s like we were made for this stuff. Have a nice weekend.
Wanna see more of Alisa-chan? Check out the shots below:

FYI: As you’ll see below Alisa is a cute, crafty nerdy girlie, but the poor girl needs a professional photographer and someone to give her some photoshop pointers. She’s living up the amateur status, so please be kind.

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