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PS2 cheats codes purpose is to heighten up the PS2 games excitement through getting through difficult levels easily, finding bonuses that are not available in the normal mode, passing through secret passages that some don,t know about and navigating to higher levels when you just begun without being stock up in lower levels.

Those are the main reasons why PS2 gamers are fond of using PS2 cheats codes while playing on their favorite PS2 games. While others who are not in agreement with what they called cheating, are still criticizing PS2 cheats codes as unfair and unreasonable.

It is a debatable topic though. It depends on someone,s belief if they will be on terms with the application of PS2 cheats codes or not. But as I suppose PS2 cheats codes are created for the purpose of fun. Without it, how can a player enjoy playing without the advantages provided by PS2 cheats codes?

Enough of that for now, I just wanted to give you more PS2 cheats codes as a guide for your (and mine) much loved game. Remember, it is alright to bring in your game the application of PS2 cheats codes whatever the others are saying as long as you are enjoying. And take note, others does it, too!

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 Naruto as we all know debut as a television show created in Japan. Before the PS2 game was made, almost all people especially the younger one are already acquainted with the aspiring ninja kid who has special demonic powers and his blunders throughout the story line. It is a more of a fighting game than an RPG because of the fighting scenes you need to survive. You can play any character that you want, Naruto, Sasake, Lee, Kiba, Gara and many more. So here are the PS2 cheats codes for these ninja action game.

To alternate Costume Color for any character enter together the following PS2 cheats codes, L2 and R1, then press X.

To release characters you have to complete these specific tasks.

Finish all B Rank missions Kyuubi Naruto Obtain Chunnin rank Cursed Marked Sasuke Complete story mode with any of the

6 original characters. Neji Hyuuga Complete Garaa's story mode Orochimaru .

Complete Zabuza's story mode. Gaara Complete Haku's story mode. Zabuza Momochi Complete Hinata's story mode. Haku Complete Neji's story mode. Hinata Hyuuga Here are the Locations of the Hidden Scrolls and what you should do to obtain the precious thing.

Ramen Shop (foreground) Strike the lanterns till all grows red

Hokage's Statue Stage (foreground) Go to the tree in the left side and jump repetitively

Zabuza's Home (background) Stand on the balcony and Hang around for 3 seconds on the game clock

Bridge (foreground) Locate yourself on the boat and remain for 3 seconds on the game clock.

Yagura map with the Giant Frog & Snake (background) Hop from the top of the frog to the snake, then jump back.

Chunnin Testing Stage (foreground) Sprint all the way through the tunnel from the left entrance and exit the right. Go over 3 times.

Hero's Gravestone (any) Hit your enemy,s support character 5 times.

Survival Stage (background) Annihilate the doll on the right 10 - 15 times.

Wind Clan (foreground) Go to the vending machine and hit it. Don,t stop unless the scroll shows up.

Tornado Sand Map (background) Observe the tornado, you will see flying objects within. Destroy 8 of those and you get the scroll

Nightly Rooftop Map (background) Go to the tail of the fish statue on the right and wait ill the scroll show

44 Forest of Death (foreground) Select the fish on the lest and hit it three times..

Rogue Galaxy Pirates on the outer space, is it possible? The setting of this game is on the outer space and the plot is about the life of the bounty hunter Jaster Rogue,s quest into space. He met a stranger who gives him a powerful sword. You will journey from planet o planet with different kind of monsters as companions.

To obtain Ghost ship, finish the game and save. Then start the save the game.

To get hold of the Dolgen Edge, beat the Ghost Ship Level.

When you finish the Ghost Ship Extreme Level you can gain the Truth of the King To get change of clothes you must finish the following levels.

Kisara's swimsuit beat the Ghost Ship Extreme Level

Captain's Clothes beat the Ghost Ship Level

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