PinoyCosplay Presents: Andy of Otaku University

Long long time ago, in an internet far far away. There was once and evil headmistress, who ran an imaginary school for special children. But because of the brave acts of GamerTotoy and friends, the evil headmistress was banished in the barrens of the Out World and was never seen again... Until recently...

During her time of banishment, Andy has traveled all over the world to get an army of suckers to enroll in her imaginary university.

Now... Why would people enroll in an imaginary University? Simple... Andy used her drug addict friend Necrof for "advertising" purposes. (when you're on drugs your body don't matter and you'd sleep with anyone) 

After building her army, like most evil villain, Andy decided to mess up the cosplay world (though it already is messed up, thanks to false goddess and super stalkers) by spreading idiotic events like D'Joke and  many more. Wherever she goes, desolation and destruction follows. (just look how empty D'Joke is/same with the background in the pic below) 

And... She even steals little puppies from little boys and girls. (remember how she rapes her teddy bears like?) Also, behind the picture, look how upset that maid is. (makes me wonder why maid cosplayers can't do it accurately)

After stealing the puppy, Andy eats them and then she goes into her long hibernation.

And when she wakes up, she looks for a bull to mate her and then...

She climbs up a tree and builds a nest. 

There Andy lays her eggs and waits for more idiots to hatch and take over the world with her. 

This doesn't conclude the story about Andy, now that Andy runs free in the world of cosplay, more acts of evil would be made. So next time you see this... 

Run away... And when she shouts at you, give her a good slap on the face. (we don't like promoting violence but people shouting at people in public is plain disrespectful). Now... Don't do drugs, else you'd end up like Andy's ho Necrof.  

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