Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay : Perfect Rei Ayanami Cosplay by Koyuki

Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay : Perfect Rei Ayanami Cosplay by Koyuki
I super love this Rei Ayanami Cosplay photo, Rei Ayanami is one of my favorite girl character in Evangelion, she was always cool and had no expression (actually it was very strange for a girl ^^") but i love her cos of that. Rei Ayanami is the Eva pilot Unit 00 dummy, Rei Ayanami background is very mysterious, I think she is the result of cloning Yui and the second angel DNA, Rei Ayanami rarely have the expression, so far I've seen her smile in to Ikari Gendou and also to Shinji Ikari after she was rescued by him, i love her when she embarrassed ^^", she embarrassed only two time, when Shinji call her like a mother and shen shinji clean up her room, she is so cute for real xD.

This Rei Ayanami Cosplay looks very perfect, and Koyuki looks very fit wearing suits of Rei Ayanami Cosplay, as usual Koyuki always looks cute ^^ Koyuki has made a very pretty and sweet Rei Ayanami Cosplay, I think Koyuki is very fitting as Rei Ayanami (Koyuki is always fitted with any costum ^^") but this time I really felt Koyuki is very fitted as Rei Ayanami! Koyuki's face and expression is in accordance with Rei Ayanami in anime, i mean Koyuki relly fit and similar to Rei Ayanami for real, and if Evangelion will made to live movie, I think Koyuki is perfect as Rei Ayanami.

And I'm also very love with this Rei Ayanami Cosplay costume, it looks very real and also very similar to Rei Ayanami suit in Evangelion anime series, this Rei Ayanami Cosplay costume was made with very good.and detailed, and this Rei Ayanami Cosplay costume has made Koyuki looks very sexy and cute too :D, I found this Rei Ayanami Cosplay photo at, its perfect Rei Ayanami Cosplay! I love it! >. <

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