Mayoi Neko Overrun! Cosplay : Sexy Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay by Koyuki

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Cosplay : Sexy Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay by Koyuki
I love this Sexy Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay by Koyuki, Koyuki is one of the most my favorite cosplayer, she always makes me amazed at her cosplay, she always looked so cute with any cosplay costume xD, including this Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay, Koyuki really managed to make very sexy and cute Nozomi Kiriya (actually I never saw Kiriya Nozomi wearing bikinis ^^") I've posted Koyuki Cosplay photo before, while she using the costume of Fumino Serizawa from Mayoi Neko Overrun!, she also looks so perfect with Fumino Sarizawa cosplay ^^.

This Sexy Kiriya Nozomi cosplay I took from and the photographer were Kojima, you can visit there to see another picture of Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay, in addition to look sexy and cute, this Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay also looks very fit with Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay I ever imagine, and that I don't like about this Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay picture is, cat doll carried by Koyuki, why not just use the real cat >.<, I think that will make this Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay look more alive ^^ (i love cat xD), however, Koyuki has made very beautiful Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay, i love this Kiriya Nozomi Cosplay photo, great job! 

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