GamerTotoy Soapbox: On fundraising and charitable fap boys

Disclaimer: This post does not mean I am coming out of retirement. I am still looking for kindhearted asshats who would like to keep this place alive. The topic I am addressing, I believe, is not about the hopelessly dreary cosplay community, but a social issue which discussion isn't an utter waste of time.


"We hope to raise enough cash to help Selina and her family for them to become self-sustaining, which is a goal that we have kept in mind since the conceptualization phase of this project."

While the intention is noble, I can't help but wonder why you're mounting strong efforts to help a cosplayer just now, when the incident is well-publicized and the cosplayer involved can turn more than a few heads whenever she walks the ramp.

"As a matter of fact, plans are in the pipeline to establish a not-for-profit, progressive, socially-oriented, legally-recognized organization to fund projects and programs of the community."

Only after the Selina thing? Why?

"We refuse to discriminate against people and organizations despite their reputations and affiliations, and we will assist them as human beings to the utmost of our ability as organizers and social development workers."

You just happened to favor a relatively popular cosplayer, eh?

"I don't think they'll only be raising funds just for Selina and her family. Pwede din siguro na isama na nila yung mga nasunugan na iba na nasa perimeter ng bahay nila."

This reeks of so much bullshit. If positive thinking could alleviate all the problems in the world, 80% of the Filipino population wouldn't be poor because there are so many NGOs and charitable institutions to help them.

"Again, we're aiming for sustainability with this project - generate the greatest long-term benefit with whatever resources we can obtain."

Care to elaborate? Are you planning to give the family a sari-sari store?

"I'm literally having a rat's life now: I live in a makeshift house located under a bridge; I'm sometimes lucky enough to have two meals a day; and I've been striving hard to earn the money needed to buy medicine for my sick grandfather."

You're not a cosplayer with thousands of friends on Facebook. Tough luck, friend.

"If GT asks for assistance, allows his/her/their situation and identity to be validated, and if GT allows for an activity to be organized for his/her/their behalf, then why not? (Though on a lighter side, it might be a tad bit challenging to raise funds for reconstructive surgery. :))"

Before you even help, you already want me to be in a position that would require reconstructive surgery? We're lucky Selina wasn't caught in the fire then, huh? I actually do need monetary assistance. A martial arts master of mine wants to establish a couple of dojos around the metro. How do I ride this fundraising bandwagon?

"I do wonder where the opposition was when we mobilized the community to aid Ondoy victims, raise funds for climate change advocacy, or give a bit of happiness to youth at risk )?"

No luxury "photoshoot for a cause"? Just a bit of easy work?

"Charities don't have to be one way. You can pay and upgrade your portfolio."

Really? Sounds more like "join an expensive photoshoot and feel good about the charity thing" to me. When was charity ever about getting something in return?

"The venue we are using is a different atmoshphere than the usual shopping mall background for cosplayers. Once the photographers see the venue, we believe that the 2k spent there would be worth it."

So they're paying for this different atmosphere and the colorful roster of participating cosplayers? What happened to charity?

"As we've said, we do not intend to do this for her alone but also for people in the community and maybe even outside if the situation calls for it. It just so happens that Selina is the first person who'll be benefiting in this outreach. Rest assured this won't be the first project we will be organizing for those who are in need."

Yes, it just happens that a well-known damsel in distress presented an opportunity, so you finally decided to act. Classy.

"In order for us to continually helping out people, we need to come out with some things that would also benefit those who are helping. It's more of a consolation to those people who'll be giving out donations wholeheartedly."

How are they wholeheartedly donating when they're practically just paying for the cost of the photoshoot?

(This shit is way too long. Will continue later.)

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