Flame of Recca: Raiha and Kurei

flame of recca cosplay - raiha and kurei

Kurei is the leader of the Uruha, a group of skilled assassins hired to serve and protect Koran Mori. The group is also tasked to assist Kurei in any mission Mori orders him to undertake.

Raiha is a member of the Uruha Rai / Uruha Ikazuchi (Uruha Thunder). He is a descendent of the Hokage ninjas that ran away during the war that ultimately destroyed the clan. He wields the Reijin, the evil counterpart of Fujin which allows the user manipulate electricity.

Beautiful cosplay from Shirakawa Saeko (白川サエコ)! I don’t know who plays Raiha, but congratulations to the cosplayer as well! Thanks to Reina for sending this!

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