Final Fantasy Cosplay : Yuna Shibata Nice Cosplay

Final Fantasy Cosplay: Yuna Shibata Nice Cosplay
Shibata Yuna is one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy, I also like Tifa Lockheart ^^ 'but I think none of them who like me T.T, I like  yuna's clothes, it makes her look very feminine and soft as well :D. Shibata Yuna is the protagonist of Final Fantasy X and FinalFantasy X-2 series, She is the daughter of High Summoner Braska and an unnamed Al Bhed woman, who died when Sin attacked her ship at sea.

I like this Shibata Yuna Cosplay photo, she make a cute Yuna Shibata, although she does not fit well with Yuna Shibatain in my imagination, coz that is in my imagination Shibata Yuna was too perfect and she has a 3D face too xD hehehe, ummm...I also love that costume she worn, that very exactly like the original, I think that Shibata Yuna costume has made with great detail. sory I can not specify who the cosplayer name, because I found this in my photo collection cosplay ^^', this photo is not mine!!... its lovely cosplay!

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