Elie Cosplay Rave Master

Elie Cosplay from Rave Master by cosplayer kokona

Cute Elie cosplayy :D kokona looks so sexy with elies’ outfit and look there’s Plue ! Elie is a girl who lost her memory. When she meets Haru Glory, he promises to help her regain her memory. When she meets Shiba, she feels a huge connection to him. This is because she is actually Resha Valentine, the creator of RAVE.
She eventually marries Haru. It is speculated that together, Haru and Elie have a child named Levin Glory. Elie have a bad habit… she loves gambling.

rave master cosplay elie

Elie has brown eyes and short, fine, blondeish brown hair. She usually wears a skirt and a belt that says ‘Love Believer’. She always wears a necklace with a heart. The heart has ‘Heart Kreuz 0067.2.11 Elie.

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