Cosplay Tea Party!

Post by: Celeste

I am hosting a small cosplay tea party at my home Saturday the 12th of March so if you would like to come, I will be baking handmade cakes and sweets for us to eat and brewing some excellent tea to go along with it. I will also have to new photo backdrops up for you to use (one white muslin, one black) and directional lighting at your disposal. You can also use my living room which I newly redecorated and repaired and feel free use my antique furniture as well. This will be a time to meet and greet and get some good photos of any costumes you need photos for =)

If you are coming from afar feel free to crash at my place overnight or the night before so you dont have to rush.

The party will go from 12 to 6 pm but if you want to come earlier its cool, in fact it might be better that way because we can use the natural light from my veranda for our photos.

There will be a charge of 500 yen per person and a maximum limit of 8 people so RSVP if you want to come, everything is on first come first serve basis.

For those who are unfamiliar with where I live, I live in Sumida-ku a few stations away from the Sky Tree on the Tobu line.

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