AOD 2011 . San Francisco.

Hey thar~

Yay, Sheik actually is posting something in this long forgotten blog of hers! How rude of her to have temporarily abandon it. My apologies though. I've been busy and lazy at the same time soooo my top priorities *cough* Ps3, costuming,facebook* have been taking over. Oh and work too. Yeah, work.... I'm doing fine though! ^-^; Some personal stuff kind of went on too but not bad stuff. I'm sure some of you already read my other blog and are caught up!

Soooooooo.........AOD. I'm going to Animation On Display in like 2 weeks. It's an anime convention held at the Kabuki Hotel in Japantown, San Francisco here in Cali. It's a fun con because there's nice people, the hotel is pretty and the underground mall is like right there. It's so fun going to the cute little Japanese shops in your costume. Hehe. Sometimes it weirds the older Japanese people out but you'd think they'd be use to it! Maybe they're weirded out because we're American? Is weirded even a word? My spellchecker disagrees but sometimes it underlines words that are completely acceptable. In any case. I'm going to this con and I'm excited. I just need to actually finish my costumes.

I've decided to go as Ayame Sohma in a maid outfit "he made" and Mai from Avatar. My friends are going as Avatardz so I was like "I'll join!" Let's just hope I can afford the fabric. I'll probably go out to JoAnn's sometime soon to get it. I think today I'll work on my dress.

Also Rikku, Agitha and Bridget are OFFICIAL costumes I'll be taking to Fanime in May. I have started working on the new ones. Agitha will be touched up!

Eee..I got to go potty! I guess I'm done writing now. :D TOODLES.

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