Ichigo 100% Aya Cosplay Toujou

I liked this Toujou Aya Cosplay, cosplayer name behind this Toujou Aya Cosplay is Rinami, and I've posted Toujou Aya Cosplay by Rinami before, but only a few pictures, and yesterday finally I found another Rinami Toujou Aya Cosplay Photo, then I decided to post her Cosplay photo again. I find this Toujou Aya Cosplay from cosplay.lightchan.com, there is always a lot of good cosplay stuff ^^". i love that site.

Toujou aya is a beautiful girl with a geeky-looking glasses that thick, she really liked writing the story and has a dream to become writer but was too scared others will laugh when know her dream, until finally one afternoon Toujou Aya met for the first time with Manaka Junpei (and was also the first time Manaka see the stroberry  panties  ^^"), Toujou Aya book fell and was taken by  Junpei, and than Manaka Junpei was first person who admire her writings, and feel that they hobby-related ...Manaka obsession that want to make a movie and become director. and since then they have close relation. Nice Cosplay!

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