Final Fantasy VII Cosplay : Cloud Strife


Cloud Strife, the spiky haired blond from the Final Fantasy VII game, is one of the most popular characters for cosplayers to tackle. And because of Cloud’s rather feminine features (hey, he even cross-dressed in FF7 didn’t he?), even female cosplayers can have a go at cosplaying Cloud. After the Advent Children movie came out, the most popular Cloud cosplay outfits feature this black redesigned costume. Other variants of Cloud’s cosplay costume include the classic blue colored outfit from the Final Fantasy VII video game, his Crisis Core costume and even the Kingdom Hearts Cloud costume cosplay.

Important parts of a good Cloud Strife cosplay include: wig, costume suit, gloves/bracers, boots, and if you’re up for heaving it around, Cloud’s sword. Some Cloud Strife custom cosplay costumes for sale will have a sword holder included with the outfit.


Cloud Strife Costume


Cloud Strife Sword


Cloud Strife Wigs


Cloud Strife Boots


Cloud Strife Necklace

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