Black Rock Shooter Cosplay by Saya

Its amazing Black Rock Shooter Cosplay photo, Saya really has made the Black Rock Shooter come to life, I also love with Saya facial expression of her face, I think this is the coolest Black Rock Shooter Cosplay i ever seen ( just my opinion ^^"), not just  cosplayer which makes this Black Rock Shooter Cosplay look perfect, but also the background and environment of this Black Rock Shooter Cosplay, and also the lighting of this Photo Cosplay really made this Black Rock Shooter Cosplay look so alive.

I like the bike :D too, it's really cool! It also has added contribution to this Cosplay photo looks more cool, even though that was a lot of cool Black Rock Shooter Cosplay (like Black Rock Shooter by Kipi, thats was amazing too ^^), but this Cosplay Photo have more value in my eyes, I guess everyone who sees this photo, can feel the atmosphere of this photo, and the wounds mark that exist in the Saya body, it looks real too, well...i got this Cosplay Photo from, its Amazing Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Photos!

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