Becoming the Queen of Pin-Ups: Bettie Page

I've always wanted to do a Bettie Page themed photoshoot. I absolutely love her style; I am very much into jet black hair, fire red lips and black clothing. It's the reason why I love women like Bettie, Liz Taylor, Jane Russell (who passed away this week) and Angelina (in her dark haired days). I've adapted that look myself; I even dye my hair black (it's naturally brown). Anywho, I was recently contacted by a photographer named Ken who wanted to work with me and when I suggested Bettie Page for a theme, he thought it was a great idea. We shot at an abandoned movie theatre that had no heat (in Feburary). We froze our butts off but it was worth it!  I also took some black and white shots with  my own camera, mirroring some of the pictures on the official Bettie Page website. Those pics are by Brian G.

I didn't need a wig for this shoot. I curled my bangs with a large barrel curling iron then pinned them.  I also purchased and watched the 2005 bio pic "The Notorious Bettie Page" before the shoot. Great movie!

Ken and I shot outside the theatre and inside as well. We also squeezed in some Black Canary (corset version) shots that I am very pleased with. Heck, I'm pleased with all of the pictures! So happy it all came together smoothly for the love of art! I've officially retired the body suit version of Canary. I like the corset version better and it's also more flattering for my figure.

A little bit ago I got an incredible email from an artist who said that he's been unable to paint for the past five years due to personal reasons. He suddenly became inspired to pick up a brush again after reading a short story I posted on my Blog and seeing my pics. He's currently working on a painting based on one of my Cleopatra photos. He's calling me his "muse" and I was floored that my words and photos could drive someone to practice their craft once again. It truly touched my heart and I can't wait to see the painting when it's done! And finally, last monthh I was featured on Nerd Bastards "Sexy Cosplay of the Week":


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